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 Sell or Stay | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

 Sell or Stay | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston


Whether any family should sell their home or stay put at any given time is a highly personal decision. Market dynamics naturally are part of it, but that should be considered in the context of your personal life, career, family and financial status.

Why are we here?

Is the market favorable for buying or selling, or both?

"Do I even have time to THINK about it?"

And of course, the most important question:
"Do I have a CHOICE?"

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Sign You Should Sell: You frequently crave a neighborhood upgrade

a. Your up-and-coming neighborhood never did
b. Your commute is unbearable
c. There are too many people around you (many of whom you don’t like very much)
d. The kids have grown up and moved out, so the school district isn’t as important as it used to be


2. Sign You Should Stay:  You can totally afford a new house - if you win the lottery

a. While the grass MAY be greener in that other yard, cleaning out the bank account to buy it is NEVER a good idea
b. Remember, the sale price of a new house is only part of what it costs to move – there are closing costs, the mover, fees and commissions, etc.
c. Could you handle a larger house payment if you lost one income or had to take a pay cut?


3. Sign You Should Sell: Space-wise, your family is too close for comfort (and things will get worse before they get better)

a. Project your needs out 5-7 years
b. Would a yard sale or donation of excess “stuff” relieve the pressure
c. Raising kids means there are a lot things to accommodate, from strollers to hobbies, sports gear, and friends


4. Sign You Should Stay:  You could fix what ails your home with relatively modest remodeling projects

a. It may be more cost-effective to make some repairs and upgrades than move, and if you have the cash available for a down-payment and associated move expenses, you can probably afford to invest in your current house
b. Wear-and-tear may make the house look run down, but a coat of paint and flooring replacement may take care of that
c. A few days of handyman time may be all it takes to fix those irritating sticking doors or drawers
d. Even if you undertake a major kitchen, bathroom or whole-house remodel, it still could be cheaper than moving
e. You could improve energy efficiency and lower your utility bills with upgraded windows, insulation, air conditioner, appliances, etc. to get pretty close to new construction standards.


What about staying AND moving?  BOTH!

Huh?  What?  Just a wild idea, maybe you can keep your current home AND buy a second home somewhere else!  A getaway or whatever you want to call it?  

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Sure, you have roots here, but you really could manage another property, couldn't you? Maybe something that you could use part of the year and rent out the rest?  Somewhere exotic, a COMPLETE change from where you are now?  

Just turn your imagination on.... think about it!

Either way, your decision to act will involve a lot of WORK!
Preparing your home to sell, packing, moving and UN-packingDesigning, contracting and executing a renovation project
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Renovations | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

Of  course, if you are selling and will also be buying a new home, I can most definitely serve your needs for both transactions! 

Because I am connected to a worldwide network of over 7,500 Certified Global Marketing Agents, experienced and licensed everywhere in the US and around the world AND the more than 100,000 RE/MAX agents in nearly 100 countries, I can help you buy and sell nearly anywhere you might want to go.


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