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Are you considering a move to another part of the US or even outside of the US?  Maybe you would like a second home for vacation or to be near business interests? Or just to have somewhere exotic to go for a change of pace?  

If your lifestyle tends to push boundaries outward, you are not going to limit yourself to just one locale but won't you consider ALL United States properties and Global properties to call home -- or home away from home?

You expect the very best and want to have an amazing home that you can call your own, am I right?  THE ideal property that fits YOU to a “T”; or one that can be customized with the special amenities and features that fit your personal needs and lifestyle.  

Vacation Home | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

What is YOUR dream home like?
What are you looking for -- a gated community? Acreage? Country Club? Lakefront?  Close to the beach or urban nightlife?   Or maybe a private island?  Your own ski slope?  A cabin in the woods where you can get back to nature and rough it?  A “Tiny House”?  A family home in a great school district?

New construction or existing?  Green, eco-friendly, energy efficient, off the grid? 

Private Island | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

Lush landscaping? Outdoor living with expansive lawns and patios, barbecue and kitchen? Pool, spa, water features?  High-tech automation systems?  Your own recreation facilities? With a guest cottage?

Global Marketing Agent | US and International | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

While most agents in the Houston area and elsewhere are limited in where they can work, I can work for YOU virtually anywhere in the US AND around the World, representing your interests as a buyer or seller.  

For example, think about your home in Houston being marketed not only here, but also in Dallas, Austin, Cincinnati, London, Rome and others, with the tremendous exposure this provides. Or your Florida beach property being listed in Houston, Miami, Tallahassee, Los Angeles, Toronto and more.  All this with me leading your international team from right here at home.

How can I do this?  It is because not only am I part of RE/MAX, the world's largest real estate company, with over 110,000 agents in nearly 110 countries, but also because I am globally connected to another network of over 7,500 Certified Global Elite Agents plus nearly 400,000 Global Referral agents, experienced and licensed everywhere in the US and around the world.  

The Global Elite certification and training provides real estate agents with the knowledge and experience in the global real estate market including understanding of legal, financing and economic aspects of this new reality in global and inter-state real estate business. 

If you are considering selling property you own outside of the Houston area, outside Texas or anywhere around the world, I am able to take your listing and market it not only here in Houston but in locality where it is as well.  As a certified Global Elite agent I can capitalize on the experience and credibility of local expertise, regardless of how remote the market. 

This unique concept provides YOU with a tremendous advantage, whether you are buying or selling, and it allows ME to become your agent for life, wherever the future may take you.

It is truly Real Estate Without Borders, and it's the Unfair Advantage you can't get anywhere else.

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Global Elite Agent | GMA | Global Marketing Agent | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

James Pedicord
James Pedicord
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