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Buying A New Builder Home
New Homes | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston

A NEW home can be a GREAT home!

From starter homes to custom homes and estates, the Houston area offers a great selection of new homes constructed by many reputable builders.

There are several ways to get your family into a brand-new builder's home:

  • new home communities with homes ready to move in
  • new homes under construction 
  • builder lots available for constructing a home of your choice
  • custom or semi-custom homes can be built on your lot
  • tear down an old house and build to suit   

Many people just walk into a builder's model home center at a community under development to look and end up buying right then and there, and we understand how it might seem so quick and easy. After all, the sales person has all the answers, probably can help you make a deal on a mortgage with an affiliated lender too.  But, since the sales person is employed by the builder, you can be sure where their loyalty lies.  Why would you want to make what could be the biggest purchase of your life without the benefit of an experienced agent working for you at no cost?  You would want to work with a Realtor when purchasing new construction for the same reason you'd work with a Realtor on a resale property: to protect your interests.
Instead of asking yourself, “Why should I use a Realtor?” the real question is, “Why shouldn’t you use a Realtor?” At no cost to you, hiring an agent will save you time today and money tomorrow. 
EVERY real estate buyer is entitled to have the protection of a Realtor to fairly represent them in every transaction.

There are a few “popular” myths regarding new home purchases:

Myth #1: The builder will lower the price if no realtor is involved because they save the commission.

FACT:  Although the builder will do their best to make it seem otherwise, the commission saved will go back into their pocket and not yours.  The builder or developer has allocated the cost of commissions into advertising, marketing and sales budgets which have no bearing on the sales price of a property, the cost of upgrades or what buyer incentives might be offered.  They are totally separate from each other.

Myth #2You don't need a realtor since you will be working directly with the builder. The builder will take care of the financing, the title company, and all of the administrative paperwork associated with the purchase of a new home, quick and easy. 

FACT:  That friendly sales representative is NOT your friend – he or she works for the builder and is obligated to represent THEIR interests, not yours.  A Realtor will work for YOU at no cost to you.

Myth #3: Realtors know little or nothing about construction, so why would you need one? A realtor would just be in the way, that builder's representative will tell you.

FACT: We can offer an insider’s perspective on the builder, the neighborhood, community, pricing, financing and competitive alternatives.  In addition, I personally have over 45 years of experience in the construction business, both residential and commercial, that I will use to YOUR advantage.  So yes Mr. Builder, I DO know the difference between a slab and a shingle…

So, who’s looking out for YOU?

This is not to say that all of the builders and developers out there selling houses and lots are going to try to rip you off.  On the contrary, they have reputations they need to maintain if they want to stay in business, and cheating people is NOT the way to succeed.  But they ARE going to look out for their OWN interests ahead of yours: the builder's representatives want you to buy their product and they will do their best to get you to pay top dollar.

Many of the reputable builders in the area know that the most serious buyers work with buyer's agents. Therefore, many if not most of those builder's sales are made with buyers who have representation and are not going it alone.  They know the buyer already understands the buying process and they can concentrate on explaining the features and benefits of their products. 

A good builder will actively and enthusiastically welcome a client and his or her Realtor and is willing to compensate a buyer's agent for bringing a buyer to the transaction knowing that we can make the process a much smoother one.  

One important caution, though, I cannot help you when you are ready to go to visit the builders unless I go with you!  If for any reason you do drop into a builder’s office, when you register please tell the builder’s sales person that you are working with Jim At The Top, (Jim Pedicord) RE/MAX Top Realty.

Jim At The Top  (Jim Pedicord) and RE/MAX Top Realty can help negotiate the best deal for your money, review contract terms, assist with inspections and all of the many details needed to facilitate the smoothest possible closing.  I will guide you to the best decision-making for the benefit of YOU and your family.

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New Homes | Jimatthetop | Jim Pedicord | RE/MAX Top Realty Houston
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